[Project] Checklist

As one of this blog’s main goals, “to promote development of custom projects to improve our skills as developers”, we are going to present you project “Checklist”.

What is it?

A platform that provides the users (developers), a to do’s list of best practices to be applied on the development of their projects.

How is it going to be developed?

  • Server Side – Node.JS and Scala;
  • Database – MongoDb;
  • Web application – AngularJs;
  • Mobile – Android.

Who will develop it?

  • Marco Talento (Project owner,Server and Web);
  • Filipe Mendes (Mobile);
  • João Junceira (Server and Web).

High Level Architecture:

On the following weeks, we will document its development in a series of posts, so stay tuned.
PS: This project is based on http://webdevchecklist.com/ but with all platforms in mind.

As an Android Developer, I believe that every application should be as simple and as easy to use as possible. Currently a GDG Lisbon organizer.

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