As our lives move on, it has been hard to keep up with updates on our side projects so we hope we can explain you what has been happening.

As you may recall, one of our projects we mentioned here was Checklist, a simple checklist for developers of any platform whose main goal was to develop a platform in our behalf, while we would learn new tools and try others.

As time passed, we found other platforms that did the same (or sometimes even more) and the fact that some of us weren’t able to respect the deadlines, it was decided to stop its development.

But as people say ”when one door closes, another opens” and so we started a project called TourGo.

TourGo is a platform for free tours, where tourists can search for free tours based on the guides evaluations. As many people said before, it is the “uber” or “airbnb” for free tours.

However, TourGo is not a normal marketplace where you can only search for tours. It will be tailored for the free tour market, where tourists can search for ongoing tours to join at the moment based on their location, receive real-time notifications of the tours as well as enabling guides to interact more easily with their customers while managing their tours in a more efficient way.

TourGo already has a launch page that you can check here and we would like to announce that we were one of the 3 winners of an enterpreneurship contest called Bet24 in the Startup Challenge 1.0

It is currently under development and we will try to release updates regularly as we move towards a beta release before the end of august.

As an Android Developer, I believe that every application should be as simple and as easy to use as possible. Currently a GDG Lisbon organizer.

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