This seems off my previous topic but I have lots of interests and this is one of many.

Microbit appear in a big world of micro computers with the simplest and most honorable propose, logic. Want to make inputs generate outputs (with a 5×5 lights screen and two buttons) and nothing more, simple but over is glued four ways to program it, one of them is my cup of tea (javascript), python and two others created by microsoft that are not so appealing as true coding.

Here I want to share a simple code, really simple, but helped me understand how much the javascript is entangled, what can or cant do, how to do it differently.

PS: I am a very neatless with code developer, so if you see “I could do better” things try microbit code kingdoms and you will understand.

I'm a Software Engineer that believes Web apps are the future. I'm here to show that is not hard to develop good code in a short time period.

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