At the end of last February, the Android developers youtube channel launched a new series called Pivotal where Reto Meier screencasts a way how to build a simple location-based app.

There is only one video out as for now, but the content looks promising in several ways. Not only because as Reto says “There’s a thousand ways in which this implementation is wrong, and the end of the video explains some of why everything should be done differently” but also, and mainly, because it shows that everyone makes mistakes. And by mistakes I mean silly mistakes.

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This seems off my previous topic but I have lots of interests and this is one of many.

Microbit appear in a big world of micro computers with the simplest and most honorable propose, logic. Want to make inputs generate outputs (with a 5×5 lights screen and two buttons) and nothing more, simple but over is glued four ways to program it, one of them is my cup of tea (javascript), python and two others created by microsoft that are not so appealing as true coding.

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The Bug Effect

All of us have had, on an occasion or another, a co-worker (or even ourselves) changing a piece of code and reintroducing a bug in the project.
The bug then gets to the production environment and it’s reported.

Team reaction: “Damn! I’ve already corrected that”. “Oh, I just missed an if statement”.
Client reaction: “This shit does not work”. “It gets worse with each update”.

Two months ago during one of my normal days at the office I was told that there was a private school looking for android developers that were available to teach. That school needed someone for 3 times a week (for a 66 hour course) and my boss asked me if I wanted to take the opportunity. The course consisted in a 24h Java introduction, 24h for Android and 18h for a project.


Right now you are sighing “oh, yet another blog!”, aren’t you?
Well, that’s true…However!, this one is not a blog about ‘anything’. It is an IT blog and there are TWO simple GOALS:

GOAL nº1 – sharing the ideas, experiences, projects and opinions of its authors.
GOAL nº2 – keeping and publicising records of the authors’ discussions and meetings,with hope that you, the visitors, will join these discussions.

This seems to be the right time to reveal who the members of the Team are.
We are a promising Team of IT industry employees (and students) who have two things in common: the IT passion and … the university.

We want to talk here about our personal IT projects (concerning web, mobile, middleware,desktop, etc.), the books on IT technologies we found interesting, new and old gadgets,videogames, and so on and so forth.

Therefore: basically, we want to talk about everything that is connected to information

We would be grateful if you wished to enrich this blog with your opinions, and therefore we kindly ask you to contribute in the comment section of the each blog post.

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Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year,
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