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Hi, I’m here to talk about building a web application with Node.js using MVC technique.

Well, for starters I’ve adventured alone in Node.js trying to make a simple website, only pages after pages, easily I’ve reached that but then I needed some organization and pre defined pages, only needed to set the data before send to the client, was here that I found Partial.js.

One of the new challenges I faced at my new job was understanding and adapting to DDD. It can be a bit confusing at first, but as soon as I made sense of it, I couldn’t not recommend it.

In this post i want to explain the basic concept of DDD.

What is DDD?

DDD consists in one domain project that doesn’t depend on anything, while the other projects depend on it. Usually, the domain project contains interfaces, domain entities and utility classes that don’t depend on third parties. Confusing? I’ll explain better in the example below.

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It has been one month since my previous post, since then some major design changes have been made, but I won’t go into details about what changed, but about what has been added.

First of all, like I stated on my previous post I’m using WPF to build my editor’s UI and using MVVM pattern to bind data between the UI and data models, it’s amazing how both WPF and the MVVM pattern fuse together really well to create a UI without much complexity.

StoryTime project overview

Game development is something that I simply love.

Is it the complexity of developing a framework to organize the project and its workflow?

Is it the difficulty of understanding the different components that are part of the whole application and how they interact with each other?

Is it the challenge of working with people with different ideas and skillsets?

The answer is all of them and much more.

In this post i will explain how to integrate Jenkins with Nodejs.
Why Jenkis? Because it’s the most popular CI.

What is Jenkins?

Jenkins is a continuous integration application. The main features are:

  • Building/testing software projects continuously
  • Monitoring executions of externally-run jobs

More information here.


  • Easy to learn
  • Open Source
  • Good Documentation & Tutorials
  • Plugins for everything


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Now, first of all let me tell you that I have never done any online course before. I knew about Udemy, Code Academy and even Coursera (where I was planning to start one) but Udacity’s course caught my attention because the lecturers are employees from Google. Another reason that grabbed my attention was the fact that it was about User Experience with a focus on Android, a theme that I am passionate about but which I have never seen in any other website.

In this blog post I will write about my experience with Udacity’s UX For Mobile Developers online course, to be more precise I am going to talk about their lessons, quizzes, assignments, etc.


[Project] Checklist

As one of this blog’s main goals, “to promote development of custom projects to improve our skills as developers”, we are going to present you project “Checklist”.

What is it?

A platform that provides the users (developers), a to do’s list of best practices to be applied on the development of their projects.

Dialogs? What for?

Last tuesday, while coming back home by metro, I spotted someone using an app on an Android that caught my attention. She was getting frustrated because some dialogs were showing up from time to time warning her about internet connection problems and similar errors.

This is wrong and to understand why, let’s first read what the android developers website says about dialogs.