At the end of last February, the Android developers youtube channel launched a new series called Pivotal where Reto Meier screencasts a way how to build a simple location-based app.

There is only one video out as for now, but the content looks promising in several ways. Not only because as Reto says “There’s a thousand ways in which this implementation is wrong, and the end of the video explains some of why everything should be done differently” but also, and mainly, because it shows that everyone makes mistakes. And by mistakes I mean silly mistakes.

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The great majority of students and programmers that I happen to know and who have an ambition to develop High Level Applications (Mobile, Desktop) don’t have the necessary skills in designing and User Experience, and, sadly, I am one of them.

The above can be justified by the fact that this area does not figure in the curricula of computer studies.
Nevertheless, it is important, essential or even determinant, if we do not want to frustrate the users to the point of uninstalling the application (if they even attempt to install such unattractive app in the first place).

With this in mind, I want to write 3 simples tips on Android Anti-Patterns,together with their respective recommendations: